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Thesis to Book


What Have I learnt About Publishing So Far?

Have a look at this blog post by @thomsonpat who has more advice than me.  @annerhanley has also written an excellent couple of blog posts about publishing her PhD thesis.

What follows are just a few observations based on my experience.

In  no particular order, and likely to be added to…

  • It takes time
  • Research your publishing choices
  • Spend time getting your proposal right
  • Get a copy editor
  • Curb your impatience
  • You will continue to find mistakes that make you grimace
  • Doing your own index is tedious and time consuming
  • You have to work to your publisher’s timeline
  • ‘Control F’ has flaws
  • You will need to negotiate and compromise with your publisher
  • You will just need to accept some things and crack on
  • Market yourself shamelessly
  • Receiving the jacket design is exciting
  • Cutting down your lit. review from thesis to book is a bit tricky

‘SOE in Burma’ was published in October 2017