The Special Operations Executive in Burma 1941-1945

Secret Agents & Guerrilla Armies in the Second World War



VJ 2022

For this VJ Day, I am going to keep it really simple. What follows are decoded messages and congratulations sent to Force 136 / SOE immediatly before and after the 15 August 1945, as well as how to deal with... Continue Reading →

SOE & A Secret Society of Muslims in Rangoon

The Bengali Surti Sunni Jamah Mosque. Visit Yangon Time machine for a view in 1895 and more on its history. Probably Yangon's oldest mosque, and where Latif and his followers attended prayers. Tucked away as a random page in a... Continue Reading →

Force 136 Operations in Support of CAPITAL

Map Credit 'Warfare History Network' (article here worth a look too!) After the success of defending Imphal and Kohima, General Slim was keen to keep the pressure on the Japanese and pursue them to the Chindwin River as they retreated... Continue Reading →

Special Delivery: RAF SD Squadron Operations Reports

A Daylight drop to Operation Character, Team Mongoose courtesy of Simon Leney In February 1944, 1576 Special Duty Flight, hitherto consisting of exhausted Hudsons, became 357 SD Squadron, equipped with Liberator. Force 136 finally had the aircraft capable of turning... Continue Reading →

Mr Newton Joseph: IFBUs, Imphal, & a Commission?

On Christmas Day 1944, just after lunch, a jeep carrying more persons than was considered safe, flipped over on the track inside Fagu camp in India. Fagu was the home of the Indian Field Broadcasting Units (IFBU), later known as... Continue Reading →

Force 136, the OSS, and the Kachins

After their service on Operation Dilwyn, some Kachin officers joined Operation Character further south Force 136 Kachin Viceroy Commissioned Officers, from the National Archives, HS 7/107 Henry Noel Cochrane Stevenson was given the go-ahead by Reginald Dorman Smith, the Governor... Continue Reading →

AWOL: Dealing with Deserters

From late 1943 until the Japanese attack on India in March 1944, SOE had patrol groups known a 'P Force' operating on the Imphal Front. Their job was to establish a network of agents through the frontline for intelligence purposes,... Continue Reading →

Jemadar Maung Wah & Major Seagrim

The story of Major Hugh Paul Seagrim continues to attract attention, from the first book about him published by The Times correspondent Ian Morrison in 1947, to the more recent book by Philip Davies seventy years later. Even more recently,... Continue Reading →


On 12 December 2020, an article entitled 'In Support of Difficult History' was brought to my attention in a tweet by Professor Jennifer Evans (@JenniferVEvans). The article detailed how  Dr. Anna Hájková had been subject to legal proceedings because of... Continue Reading →

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